What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a hosting service that is based on cloud platform.  Made of many different servers, it uses innovative technologies to spread the files, data, resources, bandwidth and more.  A cloud service includes highly optimized virtual data centres, that provide information when needed, and you only pay for what you use. Most importantly, Cloud brings scalability, flexibility and stability to your business.

How cloud hosting is different from traditional hosting?


With traditional hosting, your website is hosted on a single server on internet, whereas in cloud hosting, your web application is hosted in cluster composite of set of serves instead of one. Cloud hosting offers level of scalability that traditional hosting doesn’t provide.

How cloud hosting benefits your business?


Cloud hosting offers many benefits to your online business. Some of them are:

  • No matter if any individual server goes down, you have other servers that work well.
  • Cloud services are less dependent on real hardware since processing is shared across multiple servers. Still there are chances of failures to occur but good part is that your website or web application remains active.
  • Instead of paying a set amount of space on single server, you pay just what you actually use.
  • When you’re working with cloud-based world, you get better collaboration.
  • Even cloud hosting allows you to save a bit of money, if you manage it properly. This type of hosting eliminates or somewhat reduces the need to hire more staff to manage your site.
  • Cloud lets you scale up your resources at the time of increased traffic to maintain consistent performance.

Drawbacks of cloud hosting services

However, cloud hosting services has some drawbacks too, which are:

    • With a set pricing plan, you end up using same resources each time. But, in case of paying what you actually use. Your site may end up using extra resources than you thought it would, you may be paying a much larger bill than you had expected.
  • Privacy is generally the most important concern in cloud hosting. This is because your information is handled differently compared to traditional hosting. The security and privacy of personal data are sometimes in jeopardy. So, it is better to decide the quality of host which have a reputation to keep the data and information safe and secure.


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