What Your Business Need To Know About Free Web Hosting

It has become a high need to have a business website to publicize your business activities. No matter how small or constrained your budget is, still you may afford to setup a website of your own. With a myriad of web hosting services, businesses can find some low-cost good-quality web hosting services, while some of these offers free as well. Many small businesses get tempted by idea of using free web hosting services. Since, setting-up a website with free web hosting services comes with many benefits.


  • These sites allocate a free sub-domain address, a reasonable amount of free website space, and some additional tools and services that are free of cost, or they may charge you a nominal fee.
  • These sites also are pre-designed so, being small business owner you don’t need to start from scratch. In addition, they are very handy to use. It’s just a matter of few clicks to choose your option you like, customize by adding pages, or widgets or any other application you prefer. You can also add other features like videos, photos etc.
  • For those of you who want to open ecommerce store, but not ready to invest extra cash on design, they also provide you a shopping cart option.
  • Most of free web hosting service providers also offers technical support. However, this support may not be much efficient as that provided by paid web hosting providers.
  • There is no binding contract, so you can leave whenever you can. It’s also good for people who want hosting services for limited period of time.


  • Most free web hosting service companies are notorious for having long periods of downtime. It means, it stop people to access from their website for hours or even days.
  • Other thing that makes user skeptical about is size of bandwidth. Some users complain about not getting enough web space and they need to upgrade their subscription to expand their website at much expensive rates than standard paid web hosting.
  • Free web hosting also comes with advertisements. They force users to display their ads, since this is the way they actually earn. These unwanted ads give unprofessional look to website. Although, some free web hosting companies offer ads that blend perfectly with business site.
  • Search engines often give low ranking to such websites.


All in all, free web hosting is suitable for personal web pages. But, in case of professional and legit online business, you need to check out some paid web hosting plans.


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